The Commuter Special

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Do you ride your bike to work? Well done you says The Bike Repair Man! It can be difficult to find the time for maintenance: shifting your schedule to go to the bike shop can make life difficult. So how do you get your bike the attention it needs?

Our answer is cunningly simple, it’s called The Commuter Special Service, we’ve made it really easy. First of all we collect your bike from your place of work or station, then we carry out the Service Plus service, attend to any specific needs and then we return your bike ready for your trip home. All you have to do is book your bike in with us and carry on your normal day. Couldn’t be easier.
The Commuter Special Q&A
Where is The Commuter Special available? Everywhere with an OX10 postcode
Is booking necessary? Yes
Can you pick up early and deliver late? Just ask
Collect and return? Yes, a modest charge may apply, depending on location
How much does it cost? £74.00
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